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Litigation Consulting

Litigation Consulting. Expert testimony in federal, state, and civil lawsuits.

HSI Network’s litigation consulting practice started with the landmark federal tobacco lawsuit in 1999 and we have been committed to serving clients with the highest level of economic analysis and discretion ever since.

Recent Projects:

Securities Fraud – HSI Network provided expert analysis on the feasibility for a major US technology vendor to develop a completely integrated electronic medical record across a national scale for developed nation with over 50 million citizens. In particular the firm’s capability to move from regional prototypes to a nation systems was assessed to identify if adequate disclosure procedures were followed that could have mitigated unexpected diminished value of the technology vendor’s stock equity position. Following deposition, the case resulted in a negotiated settlement finding for our client.

Market Competiveness Assessments – HSI Network completed a competitive market assessment using commercial claims to and Medicare public use files to identify an insurer’s preferred provider network was engaging in price discrimination as well as restraint of trade. The analysis focused on several markets in the United States. The case resulted in settlement finding for our client.

Human Resources Evaluation – HSI Network served as an expert witness for a set of fire and police unions associated with mid-sized US city to identify an appropriate set of premium increase bands for health insurance offered by the City to union employees. Completed an economic analysis of simulation of premium proposals to demonstrate that the Unions’ contract demands could be meant with a premium and benefit design with the City’s five year budget model. After initial expert report, case ultimately was settled in favor of our client.